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【專題演講】107/7/17 John F Dodge Professor Emeritus Michael Y. Y. Hung(洪友仁教授), Oakland University, Michigan, USA


Department of Power Mechanical Engineering, NTHU

專題演講/ Seminar


Introduction to Shearography and NDT Applications


Michael Y. Y. Hung (洪友仁教授)

John F Dodge Professor Emeritus, Oakland University

Michigan, USA


Abstract: This talk will review shearography and its applications in measurement and nondestructive testing. Shearography is an interferometric technique for full-field and non-contact measurement of object deformation. It was invented to overcome several limitations of holograph by eliminating the requirement of a reference beam. The technique enjoys the advantages of simplified and robust setup, reduced laser coherence length requirement, and less demanding in environmental stability. Consequently, it is employable in industrial settings and has received wide industrial acceptance. (Note that holography was invented by Prof Dennis Gabor and he was awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics for the invention.)

Shearography is widely employed by industry for measurement and nondestructive testing. In NDT applications, it detects flaws in an object by looking for flaw-induced deformation anomalies, and it is 1000 times faster than ultrasonic techniques. Currently the rubber industry routinely uses shearography for evaluating tire quality, and the aerospace industry adopts it for nondestructive testing. In particular, FAA had endorsed the technique for inspecting aircraft structures and tires. Other applications of shearography include: strain measurement, design optimization, material characterization, residual stress evaluation, leak detection, vibration, 3D shape measurement and bio-medical applications. In view of the building safety concerns in HK, research of shearography has recently been extended to nondestructive evaluation of buildings and civil engineering structures.


Brief Biography of Michael Y.Y. Hung: A HKU graduate, Prof Michael Hung received his PhD in theoretical and applied mechanics from the University of Illinois in 1973. He was John F Dodge Professor at Oakland University before retiring from the university in 2001. Subsequently he joined CityU as Chair Professor of EE Department and Building & Construction Department, and later served as Chair Professor and Head of the Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management Department. He retired from CityU in 2009. His research contributions have crossed the disciplines of mechanical, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, materials, electronic, as well as civil engineering. He has published over 250 papers, seven book chapters, six patents and over 100 industrial reports. He is a pioneer in industrial applications of holography and is the inventor of shearography that is widely adopted by industry for nondestructive testing and endorsed by FAA for inspecting aircraft structures, particularly, aircraft tires. He has won numerous professions awards including the prestigious BJ Lazan award for “outstanding contribution in experimental mechanics”. Prof Hung is a fellow of SEM (Society for Experimental Mechanics) and a Fellow of SPIE (The International Optical Society).


Tue., 2018.7.17  15:30-17:00,

國立清華大學工程一館301/ R301, Eng. Bldg. I, NTHU


主持人:動機系 王偉中教授

Host: (PME) Prof. Wei-Chung Wang


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